Sunday, November 2, 2014

Promo and Review: All I Need by Caisey Quinn

            All I Need by Caisey Quinn


Winterfest is heating up in Abbott Springs... 

Everly Abbott has always been the outcast of Abbott Springs. With her pink hair, rock band, and bad reputation, she left her wholesome hometown behind as soon as she graduated high school. But now she'll have to return to the one place she swore she'd never play to perform at Winterfest. 

She wants to acceptance. Approval. Closure. 

But her best friend and bandmate, Justin Cohen, is about to show her that what she thinks she wants isn't necessarily what she needs. 

*This is a New Adult romance and contains mature adult language and sexual situations. 17+ 
**Originally appeared in All I Ever Wanted: An Abbott Springs Anthology. This version contains a bonus epilogue.

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All I Need - Caisey Quinn

5 stars

As best friends and members of the same band Everly and Justin are heading back home to perform at the Winterfest their town puts on every year. 

Everly is struggling with the fact that she agreed to perform because the last time she performed in town was in the 9th grade and was booed off stage. She's also trying to overcome being used by the towns golden boy, Kennedy, who took her virginity and walked away. 

Meanwhile, Justin is struggling with being in the friend zone since 6th grade. He's loved Everly as long as he can remember but she keeps him securely in the "we are just friends" area. He's always been there for her but will she be there for him?

Will she be open to possibly being more?  What happens if she says yes and then they have an ugly breakup, that'll be the end of the band. Can she put her love life above the bands well being?  

This was such a quick and easy read. I loved it and I also loved the epilogue! In it we are introduced to this new band with a female fiddle player from Amarillo! Can't wait for the Neon Dreams series to come out!!

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