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Beast Part 1

By Ella James

4 Seductive Stars!

The only reason this did not get 5 stars from me is the fact that it is a serial. The suspense is killing me!

               We start off with a young and na├»ve Annabelle obsessing over mega-star Cal Hammond. It’s your typical fan girl crush, except she actually has the set up to see him at a party. With a dare from her friends to lose her V-card to him, she boldly enters the party, although she’s not so sure that’s what she really wants. She actually does end up in a situation where she thinks she may go through with it, but Cal isn’t going to ruin another girl especially one he is actually attracted to. So he gives her a good time, but no sex. He leaves her wanting more, but very confused.
Neither one knew how their lives were going to be entangled by fate more than once that night. Late that night after the party Cal and his friends are high and driving home when they see cops coming up on them. Cal’s friend has a big bag of blow and begs him to help her get rid of it. He ends up doing a bunch of blow and getting out of any serious trouble with the cop. Flip to  Anabelle, on her way home she comes up on a fiery crash, Cal has lost control of his car and the scene is just horrible. Anabelle stays with Cal and comforts him while he is severely injured and his friends lie dead around him. As he is in and out of consciousness he calls her an angel.
After the crash Cal goes to prison for killing his friends and Anabelle tries to forget about her attraction to him. She goes into therapy to help people with PTSD. 7 years pass, and Anabelle’s mother is dying from cancer, and she is taking care of her younger sister. After searching in vain for a job in her field, she has decided to visit her father, who just happens to be the warden at the prison where Cal is serving his sentence. She is desperate for a job to pay the bills for her mother and younger sister.
What Annabelle walks in on at the prison is chaos. Her dad is being beaten to a pulp by her hunky girl-crush Cal. But now everyone calls him Beast, because that is what he has become. A Beast, monster, that is hurting her dad right in front of her! Beast is willing to make a deal to spare her father’s life….Her body, in exchange for her father’s life. She is left with the decision to return to the prison and be his sex slave, or let her father die.
She is still attracted to the Beast, he leaves her no room for doubting that, but is she really willing to continue to see him and do whatever he wants with her??? I don’t know!! And that folks, is where she leaves us…just hanging away!

This book is so hot and steamy with great chemistry between characters. Very well written and able to keep me on the edge of my seat the entire time.  My only criticism is that it is a serial and I HAVE TO WAIT!!!


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