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One horrible night changed everything.

And now, Paige can’t stop the nightmares. No one can...
Except him.

When Paige Tomlin unexpectedly runs into Eli Stone one day, memories of that awful night don’t come crashing down on her like she thought they would. Instead, memories from when they were young and inseparable surround her.

The boy she rode the bus to school with every day.
The boy who picked her up and drove her around the first day he got his license.
The boy who told her his deepest secrets.
The boy who left her without saying goodbye…

The man who came back for her.

Thrown into a world of fear and confusion, they lean on each other for support and survival.

But is the one thing that brought them back together the very thing that will rip them apart forever?


I really enjoyed Downward Spiral by Bria Starr. This is a second chance romance filled with heartbreak, trauma, forgiveness and love. It was very refreshing to read a book that wasn't all about sex. This story was very relatable as the characters do more "real life" things like going out for a beer and hanging out with friends.

Eli and Paige have known each other since they were little. They shared their first kiss as teenagers. Eli's world is soon turned upside down and this sends him running. He leaves everything behind without so much as a goodbye. Paige is devastated by this but knows she needs to move on with her life. She begins dating Corbin whom I hated.

A few years go by and one night Paige and her friend Laura are out at the bar when she sees Eli and his friend Patrick. A terrifying event occurs that changes all four of their lives forever. Paige now suffers from horrible nightmares caused by the event and the only one who really understands what she is going through is Eli.

Eli ends up going to the restaurant the Paige works at and she agrees to go to a BBQ at his house. She takes Corbin with her and her acts like the jealous crazy boyfriend he is. Paige quickly realizes that Corbin will never be the right guy for her. She starts spending more time with Eli. Will they be able move forward and learn how to deal with the past? Will Eli be able to make Paige see that he never stopped loving her even when he moved away?   I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to see what Bria is working on next!!


“Well, I’m a bit fucked up in the head.”
He laughs. He’s actually laughing at me! It wasn’t a joke. I don’t know whether to be pissed off or laugh with him, so I just sit here and wait for him to finish.
“I’m sorry, Paige,” he says, wiping away a tear.
“Seriously? You look anything but sorry.”
“It’s just that you’re the most normal person I’ve ever met, and yet you genuinely believe you’re fucked up.”
“I am. And you of all people should understand why. A lot has changed in the last few months, Eli.”
“No, I get that, but you’re still the same. Exactly the same. Just a little more … grown up.” His eyes graze over my body.
“You don’t even know me anymore.”
“I know enough.” He sinks back into the cushion. “By the way, I’ve always wanted to say thank you.”
“For what?”
“For saving my life.”

Bria Starr grew up in a small town in Minnesota and continues to live there with her husband and two kids. She’s a stay at home mom who is very close with her family, loves junk food, and is always cold. Her favorite things include reading books, writing, listening to music, and watching too many movies.


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