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Blog Tour: Review of ShameLess by Mel Ballew

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"If all you can do is crawl, start crawling. Soon, you’ll be able to stand."

S’renaty James lives a privileged life most her age only dream of living. She is beautiful and popular with her entire life ahead of her. Life could not get any better.

Until her entire life shifts, crashing around her...

Bound by devastation, persecuted by the ones she used to call ‘friends’, haunted by disturbing nightmares, and filled with self-blame, she vows to overcome.

Stefan is everything S’renaty swears to avoid. He is carefree and charismatic. He is primitive, complicated and a total badass. He makes her melt like fine chocolate under a hot summer’s sun the first time their eyes meet. There is something about him, and she makes it her mission to find out.

When he meets S’renaty James, he is not prepared for what comes over him because for the first time ever, a girl leaves him breathless. Now, his primary responsibility is to keep her safe. 

He will do anything to protect her. Even lie...

Stefan is the one person she has trusted with her heart. After keeping an unforgivable secret, he could be the one to shatter it to pieces. In fact, he may even destroy her beyond repair. Will she overcome and forgive, letting go of the pain, guilt and shame? Or this time, will she be stronger than the hardest lesson of her life — and, become totally ShameLess?

Elle says:

Shameless by Mel Ballew is incredible. Mel’s writing style is absolutely exquisite. There is something refreshing and unique about how she incorporates imagery and motifs, creating this beautiful story that entices you page after page. Each chapter was laced with such eloquence; I devoured this story and couldn’t stop reading until I reached the end.

This novel is a contemporary romance, but it’s not your average boy meets girl story. The plot is full of suspense, unexpected twists, and tragedy making it anything but predictable. I feel like readers of all genres would fall in love with this story even if they don’t typically read contemporary romance.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a small step.” – Lao Tzu

Before each chapter, a quote is included. These are truly some of the most inspirational quotes I have ever read. I want to print them out and read them every day for motivation and a quick pick me up.
 “Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming, we can only choose which one to surf.” – Jonatan Martensson

The main characters, S’renaty and Stefan, have both been dealt unexpected loss in their lives. Through their shared heartbreak, they build a connection, which is tested by various obstacles throughout the novel. As much as this story is about their love, it is also about finding peace and closure in life’s unexpected turns. The characters can’t change their past, but the can control the outcome of their future.

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.” – A headstone in Ireland

Overall Shameless was a truly stunning read. It is an unexpected gem amongst a sea of coal and unlike anything I have read as of late. The story is so moving, your heart can’t help but break alongside S’renaty’s. Once broken, chapter-by-chapter,Shameless pieces it back together while warming your soul. It was beyond incredible, and I want to read it again just to experience every tear, smile, and heart flutter that I did the first time.

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Mel Ballew resides in rural Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and grand kids, along with their two spoiled cats. 

An avid reader, she has always had an equal passion for writing and has written her entire life, to date. Her mother initially birthed, inspired and encouraged these loves. The two often discussed writing together but unfortunately, that dream never came to fruition.
Years later, this happened, that happened¬—life happened. 

She stepped away from writing to place more focus on being wife and a full-time mom. Today, she would not have changed a thing. The day her daughter was born became the first day she realized a significant rhythm to her heart was also born. Her daughter, now preparing to go off to college, has grown into a beautiful and responsible young adult.
A twisted turn of events in September 2009 left Mel unable to work outside of the home. Forced to consider other options, and while embracing a therapeutic approach of transcribing all of the challenges facing her, post-accident, she returned to journaling. Once again, the writer within her has been rebirthed—awakened from slumber.
Mel is a hopeless romantic. Blessed, she has her very own soul mate, which she calls husband, best friend and lover. 

She is a simple country gal, with a profound love of true simplicity. She is just as hopeless in her love of nature and regards many of her writing aspirations to appreciating its beauty, although every single story is birthed from her dreams. Sometimes, in life, simply enjoying a chilled glass of sangria on a warm summer’s eve or indulging in her love of chocolate and peanut butter is an expression of enjoying such simplicity. For her, these moments are simply D’vine.

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