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Blog Tour: Easy to Love you by Megan Smi

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Hunter finally has MacKenzie Cahill, the girl of his dreams. A horrible accident finds those dreams threatened. As their lives change, secrets begin to surface. These revelations could prove to be either the downfall of Hunter and MacKenzie or the catalyst that strengthens their bond.

Hunter has painful choices to make. Will he realize what he has before it’s gone? He knows what he must do to save his future, but will he be leaving everyone else in his past?

Will the bond between the two families be strong enough to keep them together?


I was the first to arrive at the hospital so I rushed over to the admissions desk to see if CC had made it there yet.

"Excuse me, can you please tell me if my fiancĂ©, MacKenzie Cahill, has arrived yet?"

"Sure, let me take a look." She began typing away on her computer. "It looks like she just came in. If you’ll have a seat, I’ll see what I can find out for you."

"Please, as soon as you know anything, let me know. She’s nine months pregnant and was involved in a car accident a little while ago."

With sympathy in her eyes she nodded and began typing again. I walked away from the counter so that the next people in line could be helped. I reached in my pocket and took out my phone to check the time; two hours had gone by since I left the scene of the accident - that was two too many for me. I was pacing nervously back and forth in front of the vending machines when Cooper and Jaylinn appeared. As soon as she set eyes on me Jaylinn’s sobs came fast and heavy, and she threw her arms around me in a tight, heaving embrace. I squeezed her waist for almost a second, then let go and raised my eyes to Cooper. I couldn’t comfort my sister right now; I was barely holding on myself.
"Any word?" Cooper asked, giving me a slap on the shoulder.

"No, nothing yet. They’re going to call me as soon as they find something out." I said, returning the uncomfortable but friendly slap.

"Everyone’s on their way here. Maybe Dad can get them to give us more information if we haven’t heard anything by then." Cooper said as he and Jaylinn went to sit down.

"Hunter? Come sit down, you‘re making me more anxious." Jaylinn asked. I took a seat next to her and hung my head in my hands, resting my elbows on my legs. Things had only really ever got this intense for me once before; but I couldn’t let the memories of my father surface. I’d spoken about him to Mason and Cooper, and CC knew of him but that was it.

Elle says:

Easy to Love You (ETLY) is the second novel in Megan Smith’s The Love Series and picks up where the first book, Trying Not to Love You (TNTLY) left readers cliff hanging.

No matter what struggles lay before us, we will keep going, because we had the will and strength to overcome it all.  No matter what was beyond our control, nothing would ever make us less than the family we were.

Overall, I absolutely LOVED Easy to Love You. I felt like in this installment, the characters had matured significantly since we first met them in TNTLY, but at the same time, they were still the same.

“I don’t know if I tell you enough Hunter, but I’m so proud of you.”  She got teary eyed.  She looked down at her hands and said, “If it was anyone else, I’m not sure if they would have stuck around.”

I fell in love with Hunter all over again. He was forced to fight for his family and the love of his life all while facing unexpected twists beyond his control. Page after page, his internal struggles and guilt made my heart ache while the unending love and loyalty for his family made me root for him the entire story.

Something new to ETLY was how Megan incorporated passages from Mason and Hailey’s points-of-view. Hailey has quickly become one of my favorite female characters because she was the perfect amount of sarcasm and spunk to balance out the heavier moments in ETLY.

The storyline had me engaged from start to finish. The author incorporated a variety of lighthearted and tender moments with some heavier drama and several twists that felt like a punch to the chest. I laughed, I cringed, I gasped, and I cried but not once did I want to put ETLY down. I felt satisfied with the ending and thought it was the perfect segue in to Hard to Love You (Book Three in The Love Series), which is Mason and Hailey’s spin-off novel.

“I can conquer the world with one hand, as long as you’re holding the other.” 
If you haven’t already one-clicked Trying Not to Love and Easy to Love Youyou must be living under a rock. These are two MUST READS for 2013, so go give your clicking finger a workout!

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1. What's your writing process?
I have to have music blasting in my ears and it needs to go along with the mood of the scene I'm writing. I'm a huge fan of Spotify. I have a playlist for every book. I also need something to chew on so Starburst, Skittles, or gum are my first go to. And last I need complete chaos. If it's quiet I can't write (LOL). My two year old has no problem helping me with this.

2. Was Easy to Love You easier or harder to write than Trying Not to Love You
Much easier! I don't have the pressure of getting my name and book known this time around.  TNTLY I hit a lot of road blocks because I really had no idea what I was doing. I had a great support system though and I know I had to finish it.

3. If you could recommend one standalone novel and one book series to a reader (that isn't your own), what would your choices be?
Racing on the Edge Series by Shey Stahl.  I would read anything she wrote.
Taking Chance by Molly McAdams is my favorite standalone.

4. You left readers hanging with a monster cliffhanger at the end of Trying Not to Love You. Do you personally loveor hate cliffhangers in books?
I don't mind cliffhangers as long as the wait for the follow up book isn't too long.

5. Will you (or can you) tell us what you'll be writing next? 
Right now I working on Finding Us. It's a standalone as of right now but that could change.  After that I will be starting Hard To Love You the third book in The Love Series. I hope to have both done by the end of the year, but I make no promises.
6. Who is your favorite male character from The Love Series? Female character?
My favorite is male character is Hunter, and my favorite female character is Hailey.

7. What was your favorite scene from TNTLY? Least favorite scene from TNTLY?
My favorite scene was when Hunter took MacKenzie away for New Year's Eve.  It was a special time for them and they both let there guards down and could just be themselves.  My least favorite part was the accident. Need I say more?

8. Share one secret or fun fact about The Love Series that readers don't know.
Dr. Stopper from ETLY is my real Doctor
9. What is the coolest/nicest thing a reader has done for you?
Lately it's been the readers reaching out to me telling me how much they love the series. I love hearing from them.

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