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Blog Tour: Not at First by Phalla S. Rios

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Falling for two men at the same time was something Angel Mabbott never expected to happen.

Leaving a past full of pain and loss in California, Angel is determined to make something of her life when she starts college in Minneapolis. But life takes a turn when she finds herself torn between Kevin and Roman.

Kevin Hawken is a domineering man who forces himself into Angel's life and changes everything she thought she knew. But how much can he be trusted when he is so secretive about himself?

Angel was instantly intrigued when she first laid eyes on Roman Conti, an Investment firm owner. He was everything she ever wanted in a man:romantic, loving, and protective over her.

As Angel begins to weave a bitter web of desire and deceit, will she find herself consumed, or will she be able to find her way out and follow her heart?

Julie says:

Not at First is definitely a love triangle if I have ever seen one. 

Angel was damaged and separated from her family.  Her uncle wanted to see  that she start a new life with a new beginning, so he sent her away to attend college.  She moves in with Lola and two other roommates.

She meets Kevin in class and boy is he moody.  After talking to him for the first time, her first reaction is “this guy is not going to make my life easy”.  She has no car and ends up walking to take the bus and meets Roman.  “His dark eyes forces its way into my soul and I let him in, there’s no way I can fight him.” 

Kevin seems like the All-American nice boy, but he gets angry quickly when it comes to Angel.  But, he has a secret. 

                                    “God, I’m going to get addicted to you.” - Kevin

Roman is domineering which pulls her right in.  He toys with her emotions and sometimes I feel like I just want to slap him.  He orders her around and is very possessive.  Sometimes, it can be a good thing, but I really have a weird feeling about him.

“I want you.  After I take you, there will be no other man in your life.” – Roman

Angel is more than torn.   I actually felt like I was watching a tennis match because she was back and forth.  Sometimes it was interesting and sometimes I was annoyed.  One moment with Kevin and she’s in love, but when she’s with Roman, she’s in love.  How confusing is that?

“It has always been just you.  You’re the one I want.  The only one I want.”-Angel

She makes her decision and finds out it’s not as it seems.  So, will the other one save the day or is it too late?  It has a cliffhanger which does make me want more, but I only give it 3.5 stars because at times, it was simply frustrating.

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Phalla S. Rios lives in California with her husband and two goofy pit bulls. She loves to read and write drinking her favorite tea, Joy, from Starbucks. During her spare time she is usually at the movies or looking for the next best place to eat. She often refers to herself as a foodie. Right now she is finishing up her debut novel, Not at first.

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