Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Blessed Fate by H.B. Heinzer


Colton Bradford never believed in love at first sight. And then, Rain Maxwell walked through his buddy's front door. He knew there was something special underneath the shy, guarded exterior and was determined to find out what it was. 

The problem? Rain had devised her own set of life rules and “Never get involved with a band mate” was right near the top of that list. She allowed Colton into her heart as one of her closest friends, but pushed him away at the mention of anything more. 

When tragedy strikes Rain's personal life, Colton is determined to be there for her in whatever way she'll allow. Will she finally open up to him and consider taking things to the next level? Will Colton's ways of trying to bury his feelings for Rain in the past ruin the possibility of a future for them?

Julie says...

I was lucky enough to get to read the ARC for ‘Blessed Fate’ which is the sequel to ‘Blessed Tragedy’.  For anyone wanting a great rocker romance, this is it!  You will fall in love with Colton.

‘Blessed Fate’ is told in Colton’s point of view, and as I say, it’s always good to hear what a man is thinking.

Colton is in awe the first time he hears Rain audition for his band.  Once he hears her sultry voice, he is amazed and tells his band, “We were about to get schooled.”  Colton meets Rain through Travis, one of the band members, and realizes that Rain has her secrets.  He is determined to find them out, but he has his own that he is trying to hide. 
Once she hits the stage, he sees she is not the plain Jane, jeans wearing girl that he met at the audition and he is shocked. 

                  “You could wear a burlap sack and I’d still think you’re hot.”
 - Colton

As their friendship grows, Colton is pulled toward Rain. Their long bike rides together help bring them closer and for five years, Colton has pined for her.  He knows he wants more but doesn’t try to push her.

It isn’t until Rain’s personal life is turned upside down that she realizes she needs the band, especially Colton, more than she thought. 

                                                     “You are my rocks.”  - Rain

But, as Colton’s secrets threaten to ruin Rain’s future, she tries to push him away.  The more she runs, the more he finds himself falling in love with her.  Their love is tested but will he love conquer all?

“I want to be here for you..I want to be the person you turn to when you’re sad.  I want to be the person you scream at when you’re upset.” - Colton

Will it cause her to quit the band?  Only time will tell.

I am always anxious to read a sequel because you hardly find any that compare to the first one.  But, HB certainly delivers in this one too!  You can feel their attraction and I find myself pulling for them throughout the book.  I would give this great book 5 stars and look forward to reading more from her in the future.  You will not be disappointed!

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