Thursday, August 27, 2015


BLURB: Stephanie Shaw is beyond desperate to gain her own column at San Francisco’s City magazine. Researching the hottest sexual fantasies of the young and single in the city sounds perfect. But she has one big problem: she has no one to put her extensive research to the test. 

Sexy as sin former pro baseball superstar Justin “The Hawk” Hawkins values his privacy above all else. Recovering from a near fatal motorcycle accident that ended his career too soon, he’s laying low. He certainly didn’t expect to run into a gorgeous girl at a party—and proceed to have sex with her in a limo. 

One taste and they can’t get enough. Soon they’re hooking up in all sorts of unusual places—and falling for each other. But Stephanie’s conflicted. Justin will hate her forever if he finds out she’s detailing their every sexual escapade in her anonymous column for all the city to read. 

When the truth is revealed, will Justin be able to forgive Stephanie? Or will her deception tear them apart?


I am a huge lover of all things Monica Murphy so I was very excited when I was asked to review Breaking All The Rules by her alter ego Karen Erickson. I am sad to say that I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did her other books. 

Stephanie is a writer for a magazine in New York and she is hoping to score her own column. She has been given an assignment to write about female sexual fantasies and she decides to start when she runs into a good looking guy at a party. She has no idea who he is and is quite surprised to find out that he is Justin Hawkins a famous baseball player who hates the media. As things heat up between them Stephanie is afraid to tell him what she does for a living as she is afraid he will leave her once he finds out. Will she be able to convinve him that not all media people are bad?

Justin Hawkins has never been one to want a long term relationship. When he runs into Stephanie leaving a party he is completely surprised by how she makes him feel. One night of passion turns into multiple and he doesn't ever want to let her go. He gets a job offer that will take him away for weeks at a time and is afraid of how Stephanie will react to the news. Will the secrets these two are keeping from each other cause them to end their relationship or will they be able to work though them?

The relationship between Stephanie and Justin seemed forced and not natural. A relationship should be built on communication and trust and this one was built on hot sex. I felt like the storyline was very predictable and didn't have much depth to it. I also feel like the book ended much too quickly and would have liked to see more development in their relationship. 

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