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Shannon's 4 Star Review: Dear Kate by Elizabeth Lee

Dear Kate ( The Letters Book 1)
Elizabeth Lee

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Kate Beckett has always had a plan—get her professional life to the highest level, then focus on her personal life. She preferred things in a certain order and liked to check them off accordingly.

When her best friend loses her battle with cancer, Kate starts to wonder if maybe she's been living life all wrong. And, when letters from the dearly departed start to arrive, she is forced to take a look at her life and ask herself a very important question: “Are you happy?”

To honor her best friend's final wishes, Kate takes a chance in spontaneity that sends her straight into the arms of a man that was definitely not part of her plan. A man that is everything that makes her want to throw caution to the wind and live in the moment.

Now she must decide if living a life with regrets is something she can do or if she's willing to shake things up for a chance at true love.

This is the first in a new three book series by Contemporary Romance author Elizabeth Lee.


Dear Kate by Elizabeth Lee

Have you ever been so goal oriented you never realized you were missing out on the one true happiness in life, love? Our Kate is that person. She is striving for partner at one of Chicago's largest law firms and it's just within her grasp when she loses one of her best friends to cancer. 

Hope fought as long as she could but the cancer finally took its toll. Once she found out how sick she was Hope sat down and penned letters to all of her friends, her husband, and her children to be given at specified times after her death. 

Hopes letter to Kate was to be opened exactly one month after her burial. In the letter Hope urged her to find her balance between work and fun. She asked simply that Kate go out and have fun, something she rarely did. She hadn't had a relationship since college and the only time she ever went out was with Hope and their other best friends, Vanessa and Willa.  

Deacon Yates was an old friend of Greyson, Hope's husband. He was once a workaholic who just wanted to keep climbing up the ladder of success but once he took a look at his life, he made a huge and drastic change. He still does what he loves but it's now his business and he works out of his RV. Sure, it's a little unconventional but it works for him. While home visiting his parents he retrieves his mail and low and behold he, too, has a letter from Hope. Inside his finds that he has been set up (from the grave) on a blind date with Hope's friend, Kate. 

This book is about friendship, love, and what really matters most in life. It really will make you take a step back and look at your life, your priorities, and where you want it to go. Life is short, you know. 

There are so many emotions you go through while reading this book; sadness, grief, pain, happiness, joy, and love.  There's just so many because Elizabeth Lee knows how to write a book, pull you in, and keep you in that world. 

I can't wait to read Dear Willa and Dear Vanessa. Maybe we can even get a Dear Greyson out of it :)  Just sayin'........

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