Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Book Blitz! Marshmallow Mayhem by Becky Clark

Marshmallow Mayhem cover

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In this sequel to BANANA BAMBOOZLE, all Cassidy Dunne wants is a road trip to bond with her niece and some gooey campfire s’mores. What she gets is an extra serving of mayhem — marijuana brownies, creepy locals, an ardent admirer, a precocious canine cohort, and a dead body.

Driving an RV from California to Colorado in winter poses plenty of challenges, some of which can be solved, at least temporarily, by her secret stash of candy. But nothing can sugarcoat the clues pointing to her involvement in the murder.

Excerpt from Marshmallow Mayhem —

They lit a fire and organized camp chairs around it, hauling out as many blankets as they could find. Bundling, layering, and the campfire kept them cozy. Three times Frankie asked if the fire was ready for s’mores yet, and three times Cassidy shook her head. Too smoky, not hot enough, too hot. Finally she pronounced it just right. She showed Frankie how to get the graham crackers and chocolate bars ready.

“How much chocolate do I use?” Frankie asked.

Cassidy frowned. “I don’t understand the question.” She pointed. “Don’t you see how the candy bar, when broken thusly, is exactly the same size as the graham cracker square?”

“Ah. It seemed too big.”

“What planet are you from?” Cassidy narrowed her eyes. “Anyway … get it all ready before you toast your marshmallow. Timing is everything.” Cassidy passed out the ancient wire coat hangers bent into skewers. “Be careful with those. They’re family heirlooms. Probably my inheritance.”

Banana Bamboozle cover

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After imbibing in one too many Banana Bamboozles at a backyard party, Cassidy Dunne is flabbergasted to recognize one of the partygoers as her teenage niece. When she points out the girl to her longtime best friend, Dan Diehl, he revokes her bar privileges, reminding her that one, she’s blotto, and two, the niece in question died in a tragic house fire as an infant fourteen years earlier.

Nevertheless, Cassidy becomes obsessed with confirming the girl’s identity, regardless of possible disastrous consequences.

Dan has been involved in thirty years of Cassidy’s bad ideas, but gets sidetracked by an accusation against him with the potential to destroy both his business and his reputation. Cassidy must handle this one alone.

Well, almost alone. Every problem in her life is accompanied — and medicated — by her secret stash of candy. Run-ins with an old high school nemesis. Booty calls with her ex-husband. Her first date in Justin Bieber’s lifetime. Shapeware. All tamed with a candy bar. Or three.

But all the chocolate in the world can’t help her figure out this puzzle. If she’s not prudent, she could ruin several lives.

And Cassidy isn’t prudent.

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Meet Becky Clark:

Becky Clark is the seventh of eight kids, which explains both her insatiable need for attention and her atrocious table manners. She likes to read funny books so it felt natural to write them too. She surrounds herself with quirky people and pets who end up as characters in her books. Her stout-hearted dog keeps her safe from menacing squirrels, leaves, and deer, but not plastic bags. Those things are terrifying.

Becky Clark's newest novels are fun reads for adults, BANANA BAMBOOZLE, and its sequel MARSHMALLOW MAYHEM, written with Ted Hardwick.

Visit for all kinds of silliness. While you're there, be sure to subscribe to her "So Seldom It's Shameful" newsletter. It's the only place to hear about new releases, to win fabulous prizes, and to find out when books go free. (As you might have gleaned, she won't inundate your inbox, either.)

Because writing takes for-freakin-ever, she gets instant gratification by designing funny t-shirts, mugs, aprons, pet clothing, and other stuff you desperately need. Check out her designs at

In addition to writing, she has spent time helping parents get their kids to love to read. She's adapted her workshop into an ebook full of games and ideas to turn your reluctant reader into a Reading Maniac. If you know anyone with a preschooler just learning to read or a child who doesn't like to read, check out "Reading Maniac" and see if you think it might help them.

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