Monday, September 29, 2014

Review - Drops of Rain by Kathryn Andrews

Drops of Rain 
Kathryn Andrews

4 Star Review 

This debut novel is absolutely wonderful. It's more than a book but a journey from heartache and pain to acceptance and love. 

Ali Rain has suffered a great loss. A couple, actually. First she lost her mother to cancer, her home because her father couldn't deal and moved them to Florida, her friends again because she moved, then she lost her dad. He didn't know how to handle being a father with her mother gone.   She's a very talented dancer and uses dance as an emotional outlet. She doesn't make friends very easily so when she bumps into the gorgeous guy swimming in the ocean one morning before school she is surprised by the attraction and the pull he has on her. 

Drew Hale is the most popular guy at school. The guys want to be him and the girls just want him.  Drew doesn't make physical or mental attachments. He's very standoffish and concentrates solely on swimming. It's his one ticket out his hometown. Imagine his surprise when he bumps into some chick on his early morning swim and all he wants to do is hold on to her. He felt like he was pulled to her and like she belonged right there with him. 

Well, it just so happens that they're both in the same senior class and neighbors on top of that. They keep running into each other and gravitating to each other's circle. They build a sort of friendship that evolves into more even though Drew fights it because he can't afford any distractions. But your heart and your mind are never on the same page are they. 

This is a very strong and powerful book. It takes you on the journey with Ali and Drew; you feel their pain, their hurt, their tears. But you also feel their happiness, their love, and their strength and resolve. Drew takes on a lot of responsibilities that aren't his to take on. He takes on the weight and guilt that because he's the oldest of the boys he thinks he has to. 

There are many things in this book that I wasn't expecting. Drew's backstory being one of them. He's a fighter. He's a survivor. He's beautiful. He truly is Ali's "one" and she's his as well. They have to learn to lean on one another and open up about their lives. Neither of them are good with that but when they both finally do open up. It's like the weight of the world is lifted off them. 

There are several secondary characters but one stands out in front. Beau, Drew's brother. I can't wait to read his story. I think I may fall even harder for him than I did for Drew. I think Beau is going to be my misunderstood hero and he's going to mess with my head. He's funny, flirty, and loyal to a fault. I can't wait for Starless Nights, Ms. Andrews. 

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