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When Doyle Hawthorne first discovered the truth behind his royal lineage, he couldn't have imagined a worse fate. In fact, rubbing elbows with royalty, a government-created race of super zombies, could've been found at the top of his Not To Do list. Unfortunately, no one asked for his opinion before his induction into the royal court.
Now Doyle must come to terms with how his royal status endangers Addy, his pheromone-bonded mate. He realizes he needs more instruction in self-control than his current teacher can provide. Forced to seek out William, the long-standing alpha of the colony he'd helped free, he begs for assistance. This is no easy task as both William and Doyle possess a strong predisposition to lead. But if Doyle can survive the education, it could prove invaluable.

Of High Treason in the follow-up novel to Of Royal Descent and continues to follow Doyle Hawthorne and friends as they navigate their way through the volatile atmosphere of royal subculture.

Intended for audiences 18+ due to language and sexual content.

Of High Treason

Ember Shane

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Excerpt #1

Addy kept her back to me as she began to disrobe.  I watched as first she unbuttoned her jeans, pushing them past her hips and then bending slightly at the waist to pull them off one leg at a time.  One very thin layer of lilac cotton was all that stood between Addy and the complete exposure of her most intimate areas.  My throat constricted.  She was punishing me, deliberately inflicting pain with no regard to her own safety.
"Stop," I barely managed to whisper.
She grabbed the hem of her raglan and yanked it over her head without grace, slinging it on top of the jeans in the floor.  I knew I should, but I couldn't look away.  Her hands fluttered to her mid-back to grapple with the hook enclosure of her bra.
Oh, God.

Excerpt #2

He was really going to do it.  He was really going to set me free.  I hadn't spoken a word, terrified that I would somehow give away my plan to pull off his appendages like the petals of a daisy the moment I was free of my restraints.
He pointed the remote at the metal framework and paused.  "I trust I don't need to point out attacking me would not be in your best interest."  The words were delivered as a statement, but his hand held the remote in midair, as if waiting for an answer.
"That would be very foolish indeed," I said, making my face as expressionless as possible.
For the first time since I'd met the man, he smiled a genuine smile.  And then he pressed the button that allowed me to slide free from my bindings.


Ten Fun Facts about Ember

1. I have disturbingly large feet for a girl, but it kind of makes sense since I'm six feet tall.
2. I knit and crochet.
3. I homeschool my son.
4. The first thing I ever had published was a poem in Teen magazine in the late 80's entitled "Books", and I still have that issue thanks to my mom.
5. Gray, rainy days make me ridiculously happy.
6. I played professional women's football for three years as a starting defensive lineman.
7. Though not current since the 90's, I do have my license in cosmetology, and I used to compete in haircut competitions.
8. I'm currently an RN.
9. I can't keep a light bulb working for more than a couple months - tops. They are continuously blowing out.
10. My favorite book as a child was Harriet the Spy.



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Of Royal Descent (Book #1)

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But sometimes, under extreme circumstances, it's exactly that which kills you that makes you stronger. And faster. And a member to a new, elite race of zombies.

Armed with a current address for his biological grandfather and a slightly unusual, yet loyal best friend, Doyle Hawthorne sets out to discover the truth about his past. But answers don't come easily, and the closer Doyle arrives to his destination, the more confusing things become. Disturbing alterations to his physical appearance as well as to his personality flicker on and off as Doyle searches for a logical explanation.

Despite the increasing severity of these uncontrolled flare-ups, Doyle is determined to keep his first date with Addy - a beautiful, young woman he has met upon his arrival into town. After narrowly subduing his raging impulses, Doyle quickly decides not even death itself can keep him from her. Unfortunately, he is about to test that theory.

Once initiated, nothing can alter the process of shading - the term given to the three distinct phases of becoming a higher classification of zombie, commonly referred to as "royals". Doyle must learn to control his tendency toward violence as well as his newfound royal powers if there is any chance of protecting those he loves from a mad scientist, the government, the colony of royals, and most importantly... himself.

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About the Author 

Ember Shane was born in Oak Ridge, TN, but currently resides with her son in southern Ohio.  When she isn't writing, she enjoys watching her son's insanely accurate impressions of Jim Carey and crossing items off her bucket list.  This year's plans involve traveling to Disney World for the first time, playing in a local volleyball tournament, and learning to sew.  
Of Royal Descent, the first book in The Doyle Hawthorne Series, was her debut novel.  Ember is currently working on the third novel in the series, tentatively schedule to be released summer 2015.
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