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Blog Tour and Review: Ransom by Faith S. Lynn

Title: Ransom
Author: Faith S. Lynn
Genre: New Adult / Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 30, 2014

What would you do to get it all back?

Desperate, careless, frantic, hieness, and frenzied. These are just some of the words that could describe my state of being after everything was ripped from under me. I will do anything to get it all back. And I do mean ANYTHING. I just didn't expect what I would get in the process. She changes everything.

Carefree pretty much sums up my entire life. My father has made sure that I have never and will never want for anything. I have a fiance on the fast track to business success and a best friend that will always be there for me. My future is set and I couldn't be happier with it. Then it all changed in an instant. He took me away from everything that I thought I wanted, needed. Now nothing will ever be the same.

Sarah's 4.5 Star Review

Ransom is the first book I have ever read by Faith S Lynn and it definitely won't be my last. I really enjoyed this book. This book had me sucked in from the very beginning. It was quite the rollercoaster ride and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

Sage is the daughter of a very successful business man who has always made sure she will never want for anything. She has a fiancé who is on the fast track to business success and a best friend who is always there for her. She thinks she is very happy with the way her life is going until one day she is kidnapped and her whole outlook on life changes.

"Ok, then, but know this: Keep an open mind over the next few months of your life. Remember that you have had a very good life, but what you think makes you happy, the things you can't live without, are not what you really need." She takes a breath and continues, "He will open your eyes."

Lynkin has a good job and he loses it all when he is accused of stealing money from the company he is working for. He is now struggling to help take care of his mom who has health issues and is no longer able to work. He comes up with what he thinks is a brilliant idea, kidnap the daughter of the wealthy business owner who accused him of stealing. His plan is to use Sage to get money from her dad in exchange for Sage's safe return. What he didn't expect was to be attracted to Sage. He keeps her for awhile and then he decides the best thing for both of them is to walk away from her and let her go back to the life she thinks she wants. Will Sage decide to continue the life she is currently living or will she decide to move on when she discovers the life she has is not as perfect as she thought?

"Let's just say this little old lady told me some guy would flip my world upside down, and she was right. Sometimes everything you thought you were happy with needs to be taken away for you to realize what really makes you happy."

I really loved the connection between Sage and Lynkin. I also really loved all the supporting characters and felt they added lots to the storyline. There were a few situations that I felt were a bit rushed but everything ended up coming together in the end. Overall this was a really fun romance with a little suspense mixed in.



I am a New Adult author. From Lies to Promises is my debut novel! I am wife to the best husband of the freaking universe and mother to 3 majorly awesome kids! Reading, Xbox, cooking and WINE just barely scrape the surface of who I am. Everyone who knows me will say I am a nerd... and I would agree. Want to know a secret? I am a super hero. True story!

I have an obsession with anything people consider odd and I think learning is the bees knees. I have an Associates degree in Business Management and was an accountant for 7 years. I know, boooring! But I like having a problem and seeing a solution.

Maybe, just maybe, this is why I enjoy writing so much!


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