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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: Destination to be Determined by J.B. McGee and Nicole Andrews Moore

The Traveler Series Premise

Emmy London is a private investigator by choice and a time traveler by chance. Her super secret ability enables her to go back in time to solve mysteries, but not change the past. The one caveat is that she can't use it for personal gain; the one mystery she can't solve is that of her past.

Follow Emmy as she tests the limits of her curse, writes her own rules, and learns that 'not-a-dates' can become relationships she never wanted all the while drinking lots of coffee.

These sexy humorous mysteries can be read as standalone novellas even as the characters evolve.

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Synopsis for Destination to be Determined

Life has never been easy for Emmy London. Raised in foster homes, she learned to never get too comfortable, to never let anyone in. When her classmate, Chloe Oliver, disappeared at the tender age of five, so did she. From that moment on, life was never the same. She kept a secret and kept her distance from everyone. 

With the twentieth anniversary of Chloe's disappearance looming, Mr. Oliver sought Emmy's assistance, asking her to revisit the past in order to give him the closure he so desperately needed. As a private investigator, she was accustomed to facing unpleasant situations and sifting through others' lives. Unfortunately, this time to do that, she had to face her own. 

Soon, she herself is being followed. A handsome stranger insinuates himself in her life. Everything she believed and thought she knew is called into question beginning with…can she turn her curse into a gift?

 Her mission is clear, her destination is to be determined.

Sarah says…

5 Star Review

I absolutely loved Destination To Be Determined by J.B. McGee and Nicole Andrews Moore. This story is a little different than what these two amazing authors write.

Emmy London is a private investigator but she is also a time traveler. She was in and out of foster homes her entire childhood because of her secret ability. She is able to go back in time to solve cases. This story revolves around the cold case kidnapping of Emmy's classmate Chloe. On the 20 year anniversary of Chloe's kidnapping her dad gets in contact with Emmy because he wants closure. She goes back to the day of the kidnapping to gather clues and get closure for her and Chloe's dad. She gather all the evidence she needs and takes it to the police and finally gets the answers she has be looking for.

We also meet the mysterious Blaze. He comes out of nowhere. He follows Emmy. They have an immediate attraction to one another and he also a P.I. There are many unanswered questions about Blaze. Why is following Emmy around? What is he looking for? They spend one hot evening together and then Emmy decides she needs to get away. She goes to her favorite coffee shop to let her best friend Sean know she is leaving.  Will she tell Blaze she is leaving and will he follow her on her next journey? I guess you will have to read this amazing story to find out.

"I'm good, but I'm not that good. If you wanted wall sex you should have worn a skirt. Maybe next time. This time, we'll be old fashioned, but I'll make it totally worth it. You won't even know where you are by the time I'm done with you."

I loved the connection between Blaze and Emmy. I also loved the witty banter between Emmy and her friend Sean. This story had me sucked in from the very beginning and can't wait to read what happens next.

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Release Date: July 22, 2014

Destination Derailed Synopsis

When Emmy finally answers a series of missed calls, the first words Sean speaks are, “Peaches is missing!” 

Rushing back to Shiloh Cove, her new mission is a favor fora friend that lands her in a strip club, working undercover.  Blaze really appreciates her new work uniform…and he’s not the only one.

Like so many others on the force, Detective Morrow moonlights in a security position after-hours at Leather and Lace.  He’s seen many girls come and go through the years without giving it another thought, until Emmy enters his life once more, this time wearing makeup and not much else.  Then, he can’t stop thinking about her. 

In the midst of an alpha pissing contest between two men who make her quiver, Emmy finds herself embroiled in a dark and dangerous underground.  Everything she believed to be true is put to the test.  It has been said rules are meant to be broken, that life is all fun and games.  Yet in her case, never has so much been at stake when Emmy finds her destination derailed.

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